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48 hour sign out scripts are available at the Richland Library.

Auditions are held at the Richland Players theater at 7:00 unless otherwise noted. Please see below for a special time for the next auditions.

Generally auditions consist of filling out an audition form containing contact details and theater experience then the director chooses participants to read passages from the script.

2014-15 Season Audition Schedule

Once Upon a Mattress - May 25 & 26, June 1 & 2
The Turn of the Screw - August 10 & 11
Inspecting Carol - October 5 & 6
The Sleeper - December 7 & 8
Barefoot in the Park - February 15 & 16

The Sleeper

a dark comedy by Catherine Butterfield

Auditions are Sunday, December 7 & Monday, December 8 at 7 pm at the Theater

Performances: Febuary 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 & 28 2014 at 8:00 PM; February 22 & March 1, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Directed by Emily Richman
Produced by Joanna Flaten

A suburban "security mom," shell-shocked by the new post 9/11 reality, finds herself irresistibly drawn to her son's tutor, a handsome young man with political leanings far different from her own.

Her "awakening" leads to a bizarre series of events that blow the lid off her previously sheltered existence and change the lives of all around her.

A dark and slightly zany comedy. Adult themes and language within the play.

There are roles for 4 Men and 3 Women.
Questions? Contact Emily Richman

Character descriptions:

Gretchen: a well-meaning, high-strung housewife gamely trying to incorporate post-9/11 anxiety into her already-stressful routine.

Bill: Gretchen's inattentive, career-minded, no-nonsense husband.

Vivian: Gretchen's sister. Wannabe screen star, sexpot and all around self-absorbed drama queen.

Matthew: Tutor to Gretchen's son. Attractive, seductive and politically minded, educated and careful in the new political environment.

Three ensemble characters who will play multiple roles.

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