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2023-2024 Casting & Director Selections


And Then There Were None

Katie Clark

A Doublewide, Texas Christmas

Joe Kimmel


Janice Waters

The Curious Savage

Brianna Sacry

The Musical Comedy of Murders 1940s

Travis Franks

Cast List

Mr. Thomas Rogers - Zach Bitner

Mrs. Ethel Rogers - Emily Franks

Mr. Fred Narracott - Kobe Daniels

Miss Vera Claythorne - Winter Lillian

Capt. Philip Lombard - Zack Taylor 

Mr. Anthony Marston - Arlo McGowan

Insp. William Blore - William Thurston

Gen. John MacKenzie - Gene Carbaugh

Miss Emily Brent - Cyndi Kimmel 

Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave - Kevin Nettleton

Dr. Edward Armstrong - Michael Aardal

“And Then There Were None” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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