All reservations MUST be paid for when purchased.


Will Call

All phone order tickets will be held at will call.

When do tickets go on sale?

Ticket sales open exactly four weeks prior to opening night online and the Monday before opening night in person. Click here for box office hours.

Seniors, Students, &  Military pricing

Senior prices are for patrons 62 years of age or older.

Student prices are for K-12 and College students with valid ID.

Military prices are for all active or retired service members and their immediate family.


Online orders

Those purchasing tickets online will have the option of printing their tickets at home or letting the box office print their tickets and have them available at will call. Tickets on phones do not work at this time. Patrons are asked to bring receipts from online purchases showing the transaction number in the event of ticketing issues.



If unable to attend the show for which tickets were purchased, an exchange may be requested from the Box Office, subject to the following: 
-- Exchanges will only be for the same production and are subject to seat availability. 
-- You must turn in the original physical tickets to exchange for another date.



We generally recommend our shows for children 12 years or older. Check with the Box Office if you have questions about suitability. Please no children 5 years and under.


Weather and exigent circumstances

All sales are final. There are no refunds. We will only offer refunds if we must cancel a performance due to unforeseen circumstances.

What form of payment do you accept?

Online we accept card or PayPal. In person we accept cash or cards.

What is basic theatre etiquette

A few simple things to consider when taking in a live show. 

  • Arrive early. If you are late, you may be held in the lobby until an appropriate time for seating. Latecomers disturb performers and audience members.

  • Silence all cell phones. Not only is it embarrassing if it goes off, but it breaks the mood for audience members! We encourage social media usage, but please do it at the appropriate time.

  • Refrain from getting up during a show unless absolutely necessary. There will be an intermission. Always wait until the actors take their final bows before leaving, and exit when the show is over. Parking is a pain, but please be courteous to the show!

  • Avoid wearing heavy fragrances and keep talking to a minimum (laughing and reacting to shows is always encouraged), be respectful of seatmates. 


Didn't find what you needed?
 Contact the Box Office at

 509-943-1991 or email

Season Tickets

The Players continue to improve our ticketing system. Everything works like it did before, it just looks a little different.

Now that have reserved your Season Ticket purchase – you will be given a special season ticket passcode. Something like “dept243” appears highlighted on your receipt. This passcode will allow you the book your ticket for each show.

Go to and choose “Tickets” and then “Members” from the menu on the top. Please create or update your user information with your personal email with a password of your choosing. Your password and code from last year will not work. Your account password is different from your season passcode. If you do not have an email address, The Players can still help you sort everything out by calling our box office at (509) 943-1991.

If season tickets were purchased for couples or for other people in your home, you will share a single code for everyone in your household using your season ticket passcode.

With that special season pass code you will be able to book your general admission seat for each show. Again either online at or visiting the Box Office personally. Ticket sales for each show opens up one month before opening night so you will have plenty of time to pick your seats!

The Players still will not be able to book your admission by phone message.

When should I arrive?

House will open 30 minutes before show time. 30 minutes before curtains up is a good amount of time to get situated in your seats, use the facilities, and visit the concessions. 

Can I record or take pictures during the show?

Due to copyright laws recording is strictly prohibited. Phone use is not allowed unless specified in the pre-show announcement.

What should I wear to the show?

The Richland Players has no dress code. You will see a variety of outfits from casual jeans and a tee shirt, to a date night dress/tie and a button up.  There is no right or wrong choice. Over all we want our audiences to be comfortable so they can focus on the show. 

What is the runtime?

Run-time varies for each show. On average shows are around 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.